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Are you ready for the new year and to start with a bang?

Let’s talk about things you might have done before you start realizing you want to make a real change in your career and work-life, and what you have done until now, isn’t getting you there.


These are things that can definitely help you with mindset, attitude, self-knowledge, etc. Why would you still feel unsatisfied?


Things like


Improving skills about stress management and planning


Learning about things like:





Updating your CV, profile and application letter

Interview techniques


Or just simply looking for available jobs.

If you have tried all that, why are you still not satisfied? Why haven’t you done the changes you said you knew you had to do? What is it that you want to handle? Where would you like to be?

Maybe you had taken action and succeeded, being in a situation you thrive, I salute you for that.

If you haven’t. I want to tell you that there’s a difference between knowing and understanding. You can get the best tips and information for free, but you won’t use it, unless you value it and take action on it.


You could perhaps tell me what it’s exactly you should do, so why haven’t you done it already?

There might be many reasons for that, and I don’t mean it’s your fault for not taking action.


What you possibly need is a structure for change, you start from the beginning and work your way up. If you only go to the last chapter of a book, you will most often not understand the meaning of the content, you might know about what it is about tough. You still need more than the end to understand.


You might stay with the belief that you have to do it on your own. That’s something you can do, the downside is that it can take much longer time to do the change. Or the change that you do, is not very thought out.

If you are open for support, you can go much faster. And time is needed for a career change, if you take it seriously you can do it much faster.


What many are missing is a step-by-step strategy that will create a plan for transition as a result. Otherwise you are on your own and can’t have the support of peers, support or a coach who can take you through the framework.

It’s also a question of being directed internally or externally. Most people just wait for a external change, which forces them to make the change. Then they are often stressed, fearful and quick to take everything back to homeostasis. Some time you are not able to get a job in the same field as before. If you wait for too long, it might be much more difficult to make the change.


You find yourself again in the same stressful or boring situation, hoping someone would save you from your misery.

Being internally directed means you take pro-active action and you have a plan for what you do. If you want to build a business, you have to start now. If you want to get into a new profession, education or creating new contacts might be needed.


If you are only acting from wanting to get out of where you are, you won’t know exactly what you are looking for. And that often leads to you ending up in the same place.

You think, well I tried, and it wasn’t meant for me.

I say BS. You can if you want, by finding out what you want and how to get there, you will get there. This might mean that you need to work for it, but it will be much easier when you have the direction set and everything you do is aligned to that goal.


You should also be open to the result, because you shouldn’t let your current self decide what your future self are able to do. No one believed we could go into space, before we had the space rocket built. When you were little you could never imagine everything you can do as your adult self, your imagination is limited by your current self. Where you end up might be an effect of different reasons.


So there’s a difference between an act out of desperation or planned action.


Which one of these do you want to act out of?

Are you ready for change, but you don’t have a clear idea of your next step?

I’m interested to hear about your situation and what you possibly could want to do.


I’m also having a special holiday offer with some bonuses this month, ending 31th of december.

The offer is for my 12 week, 12 x 1 on 1 coaching program. Where we work together from your current state to your future state, realizing as much potential as possible, utilizing tools and getting a clear understanding of who you are and who your future self is going to be. And from there creating a action plan for your next steps. It contains of 3 distinct parts, Explore, Dream and Discover, taking you from dream to reality.

That’s for the fast action takers, 3 spots still available.


But mostly I just want to know about you and how you are holding on in your situation, to see if I can help or not, or to point you in the right direction.


And lastly I wish you a merry Christmas, I believe in your potential to do good in this world :)

The picture is from this summer, from a trip we did.


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